THE HOUSE is a place where everyone is welcome to connect with God in a real and meaningful way. The HOUSE is real church, with real people, serving a real God. Our Sunday morning services are not a performance, they are a time to experience grace, growth, and greater things in the presence of God. At The HOUSE, serving God is a “get to” not a “have to.” 


LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY provides a high quality, individualized, Bible-based education for grades K-12.  LCA is not a private school, it is a Christian School. We already see too many students keeping their faith private in our culture and it’s that culture, we are committed to seeing changed! Schedule a tour today by calling 425.334.9422 or emailing us at


OUTREACH NW is an outreach organization that serves to meet the needs of the homeless & impoverished empowering them to experience sustainability, success, and significance. This ministry has a clear & specific focus, but a wide scope of impact and influence. Although Outreach NW was an outgrowth of The HOUSE Church it has grown and expanded into a county-wide ministry.  Outreach NW is no longer operates out of one local church but many. Outreach NW exists to serve and seed many other local Christ-centered outreaches and ministries.